Everdale - The Dye Maker Diorama

This is one of the many things I had the pleasure of contributing to during my year freelancing for Supercell. I had a great time designing and making these dioramas based on characters in the new SC game Everdale, and have been given permission to share them. These dioramas make an appearance in the 'Welcome to Everdale!' video shared to announce the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY_VluvV54M

I was responsible for designing the diorama, modelling/texturing, assembling the environment in UE4 and the ambient environment effects. Thanks to Ken Taya for the great direction.

Animation Credits:
Patrick Moss: Character Animation
Mike Bourbeau: Technical Artist
Conor O'Kelly-Lynch: Producer / Animation Director

Characters were created and made by the team at Supercell, not me.