Flooded Temple Diorama

Download here; https://gum.co/ZURXp
Video 1 on this project; https://youtube.com/watch?v=UvlCwkYiwsE

This project has been a long time coming! Sculpted in Zbrush, hand painted in 3dCoat and Photoshop, running in UE4. Hope you like!

It was initially inspired by some travelling I did earlier in the year but it became a weird made up thing in the end. Was really fun to work on, but man do I need to make smaller projects for myself.

In the future I will be releasing this project for free to download on Gumroad, and also do some 'making of' videos on Youtube! I will share here when I am done. :)

Anya jo elvidge 1
Anya jo elvidge render

Flooded Temple Diorama Video

Anya jo elvidge 8
Anya jo elvidge 3
Anya jo elvidge 2
Anya jo elvidge 4
Anya jo elvidge 7

Flooded Temple Diorama Video 2

Flooded Temple Diorama Video 3

Anya jo elvidge concepting 3