WIP- Step by Step 'Abandoned Building'

This is an album showing how my personal project diorama is developing over time, from early unglamourous screenshots to now, and onwards as it progresses. (Most recent to least). I will update this post as I go and post a final image as a separate post later.

As of last update; still WIP (15th August 2017). Working on the boat.

Polycount thread here; http://polycount.com/discussion/186514/ue4-hand-painted-fantasy-abandoned-building-diorama#latest

Anya jo elvidge 2

Building texture WIP, ivy WIP added.

Anya jo elvidge 1

Tree canopy textured, stairs and boat tweaked, vertex colour experimentation.

Anya jo elvidge capture

Tree blockout, stairs, and rubble/boat texture blockout added. :)

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00009

Continuing with black background, may go back to a lighter one *shrug*. Waterfalls added. Foliage mostly done, most textures mostly done but still need tweaking (eg. grass, rock, gravel)

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00010

other angle

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00013

other angle

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00007

Black background test

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00006

More assets added, colour exploration

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00005

Post process and texture development. Got rid of the fake reflection- was incorrect and wasn't working for the overall image.

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00001

Black background text, texture development

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00003

Adding early texture ideas and tree. Composition tests. Fake reflection test.

Anya jo elvidge highresscreenshot00002

Early blockout

Anya jo elvidge 5 close up plans2

Foliage/texture exploration/colour ideas

Anya jo elvidge 6 prop list

Prop list

Anya jo elvidge 3 concepting

Concept I did to start