Mentorships and Support

I am pleased to offer various mentorships to suit a range of disciplines, budgets, and availabilities.

Whether you need continuous support in a project, a one off  portfolio review, or you just want to cover your bases in 3D or 2D development, I have tried and tested session structures and lessons for a variety of needs.

1 x 60 min session 

£80 GBP
Feeling a bit lost?

This session is for someone who might feel stuck in a rut with a project or need an extra pair of eyes to push it to the next level. Or maybe you just need some suggestions on presenting your porfolio, what work you should maybe remove or revisit. Alternatively we can discuss your career goals and I can make some suggestions on directions you can take you work to your aim, and lay out a roadmap of sorts to help you find your way.

Sessions can also recur as often or little as needed. I am also very happy to offer ongoing support via Discord.

2D painting mentorship

£80 GBP/session 
An in-depth plan covering art theory and design principles

These sessions are designed with repeat lessons in mind, however depending on what you would like to learn I can reduce the number of sessions to meet your needs, or cover specific areas that you struggle with.
I will cover essential theory such as colour, light, value, composition and more with each session ending in an assignment that will be reviewed and discussed in the following session. I work with concepts from both traditional and digital schools of thought, as a mixture of the two creates a great foundation for solid work. As the sessions go on the focus moves from theory learning to more imaginative work and using the skills and knowledge you have aquired. It is important to me that you find your own way, and therefore I will teach you what I know, and what I have learned, but the focus will be very much on you finding your own voice.

I would advise a minimum of 4 sessions, but I can cover more in greater depth if I have more time with you.

Ongoing support and feedback via Discord is also available if you need a little assistance after your sessions have ended.

3D environment art mentorship

£80 GBP/session
Create a portfolio piece from scratch 

These sessions are designed with creating a 3D environment art portfolio piece such as a prop, diorama, or full environment, in mind. We can work on creating your own concept, or simply ask an artist's permission to use theirs. Working together to choose the best practises for creating your prop or scene, we will lay out a battle plan to create the highest quality piece of work you can for your portfolio.
I will cover essential theory as needed for your project, and can answer any questions or do demonstrations depending on what needs to be covered. I specialise in UE4 and sculpted or hand painted textures, but am more than happy to work with a variety of methods and software.

I would advise a minimum of 4 sessions, but depending on the scope and length of your project, more might be appropriate. Alternatively, a one off project review might suit you better!

Ongoing support and feedback via Discord is also available if you need a little assistance after your sessions have ended.

Payments can be made via Paypal.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can make a plan of action for your mentorship.